I’ve seen a lot of people talking recently about the new console Sony are working on and it’s getting mixed reviews. Before an official announcement. I’m sorry, what?

Whilst I’m a big believer in questioning companies decisions if they seem really anti-consumer, this one, in my opinion, isn’t.

First of all, I am not a console gamer. I do have a ps4 but it’s rarely used. I bought it, had some fun with Rock Band 4, Guitar Hero Live and Destiny but then it went without use until I decided to give God of War 3 and Uncharted a go. Why am I telling you this? Well it’s simply to give perspective of where I’m coming from.

My under-used ps4, gathering dust.

I’m a PC gamer.

#PCMasterRace am I right?

Jokes aside, I have read some articles recently stating that the decision by Sony to release a new, more powerful PlayStation this close to the release of the PS4 is a massive “fuck you” to all the people who bought the “old” console.

The way the new PlayStation is rumoured to work is that with upgraded hardware, it will have a standard of 1080p gaming that developers who want to make games for the console will have to stick by. It will also support 4k upscaling. Now, someone tell me exactly what the problem with this is?

“Ellis you don’t understand, this means the ps4 will become useless and all the people who bought one will have wasted their money” I hear you say. Well, that point is ridiculous. You bought a console that isn’t capable of full HD gaming in most cases and when the new one launches, you will still have a console that isn’t capable of full HD gaming. The same games. The same look. What’s the difference?

If someone bought a cheap gaming pc that had around the same graphical power of the ps4 around it’s launch, they aren’t going to be complaining when a couple of years down the line, there are more powerful pcs around that are pushing the limits of gaming. If you have an old pc, you can still play new games for the most part, just on a lower graphical setting. This seems to be the same way the new ps4 will work.

I don’t want to be one of those people who throws the word “entitled” to anyone who complains about something like this but I can’t help it in this situation. Your console will still look, work and act the same as it would’ve if the new one wasn’t going to even see the light of day. The only difference is there is now an alternative for those who want to spend more money on a better console experience.

Which is also dumb.

Buy a PC.

It’s better in the long run.

Trust me.



Now I’ve said all this, I bet Kingdom Hearts 3 will only be on the new PlayStation. I’d get so mad.



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