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When exploring Hyrule, it can be quite an annoyance to run low on rupees. Low on arrows? Want to buy that piece of gear from a shop but can’t afford it? Fear not! With a bit of time and skill/luck you can farm some pretty easily.

The first method I came across is in a small town on the bottom right of the map called ‘Lurelin Village’. For this method, you will need to start off with at least 100 rupees.


When visiting Lurelin village, you’ll see a building with rupees above the door.


In this building will be a man with 3 chests behind him. Speak to him to get the long initial dialogue about what he does out-of-the-way and then when he asks you if you want to play, back out. Save your game. Now, speak to him again and agree to play. Bet 100 rupees as this means you can win 300 rupees, making a profit of 200 each time. He will then load the chests and you can randomly pick one to see what you get back. Either 1 rupee or 300. If you hit the jackpot, just save the game again and continue. If you lose however, all you have to do is load the game before you placed the bet. The chests are completely random every time so you can’t work by process of elimination.

Whilst this method can be effective, its way too unreliable and luck based.

I find the best method to be bowling. Snow bowling.

This is snow joke.

If you go to Hebra tower in the top left of the map, a little bit to the east, down the slopes is a place called ‘Pondo’s Lodge’. Drop down there and talk to the old man, Pondo.

Screenshot (67).pngScreenshot (68).png

Pondo will ask you to play some snow bowling for 20 rupees. You can use the same method of saving and reloading as you did with the gambling if you please but it’s not much of a loss if you do lose but it’s extremely easy to get at least your 20 rupees back and make more.

If you get a strike, you get 300 rupees, meaning you can make 280 per turn. If you get a split (all 10 down in 2 shots) then you get 100 rupees. When you knock down 9, it’s 50 rupees and 8 is your 20 back.

I always find that the best place to aim is around here, it gives a good run on the center of the pins, often resulting in a strike if done right.

Screenshot (70).png

Screenshot (72).pngScreenshot (73).png


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